Journey to the world of the Inner Realms in this young adult fantasy, where Dragons are the guardians of the great nation, Nefol, the one bastion of civilization in a harsh wild land.

After the loss of Nefol’s founding members, political strife threatens to tear apart the once peaceful city. In order to protect the one she loves, AsaHi sets out to find the truth behind Nefol’s Dragon Patron. Only, things don’t go as planned when she unknowingly opens a gateway between her world and the Arweinydd realms. This wouldn’t be a problem if all the Arweinydd were as benevolent as Zemi Dreigiau. But they’re not.

Dreigiau was completed 9-20-13.

Dreigiau is the culmination of writing for NaNoWriMo during the years 2002-2013! Check out a random winner badge below!