Dreigiau has been around for quite some time as the first original drafts of Book 1 were written during NaNoWriMo of 2002. Since then, we’ve had lots of readers and friends that have joined the long journey of the Dreigiau cast. There are a few folks that I’d like to thank in particular for support and help in various ways.

Dreigiau Proofing 

I want to send out a deep and hearty thanks to friends Vendrus SciKhatz, Crush, ThariCanuovea and Tsunamiatunzen1 for their time and efforts in proofreading and working through Dreigiau chapter by chapter. It’s been no little job — from silly little mistakes, inconsistencies and coding errors, they’ve helped so much. And Dreigiau has become all the better for it!


What can I say? Pen has taken it upon herself to volunteer time and skills to give me an indepth edit on just about every chapter from Book 2 to Book 3.

I’m always thrilled and amazed to see her feedback — from analyzing the psychology of each of my characters to helping me flesh out sensory description and work through a jumpy plot. She has been a priceless supporter of this work… and I really feel I’ve become a better writer over the years because of what she’s done.


My partner in crime. She is always the first to see the roughest of drafts and the one to hear my moaning and groaning about how I won’t make it through the next NaNo year! She also patiently puts up with me dropping anywhere from between one and four Dreigiau chapters on her download to read every day as November plays itself out. Oh… and the constant, “Was that okay? No. Really? Was it good? Why do you like it?”

She’s very active in helping me brainstorm a framework for my plot. I know that whenever I’m clueless about what direction to head, if we sit down together, I’ll walk away knowing far more than I went in.

She also allows me to role play out characters… which helps me to learn and develop them outside of NaNoWriMo. I always head back to the next year knowing far more than I did about them the year before. Characters such as Zazo and Kaz are actually figments that she has developed during these role plays. I regress them back into “Dreigiau Form” and use the basis of her development to write from.

Once more, I send a deep-felt thanks to each of you, and to all the readers and artists who have supported Dreigiau over the years!