Origin: The Time Before
Hair Color:
Golden Brown
Eye Color:

Theme: “Wonderful Land” — Mike Oldfield**


Little is known about Aur’s origins and past beyond the fact that he is a Guardian creature from the Time Before. Though he offers little information about himself, it can be assumed that somehow he has managed to survive through the great Mistake that brought about the disappearance of so many other creatures from that time. Though he was alive, he was greatly weakened after the cataclysm and bound himself to an energy source within the Spiral area in desperate attempt to remain.

It was there that the nomadic peoples of the Spiral discovered Aur, who appeared to them in the form of a great golden lion to offer guidance and wisdom. When Zemi’s presence began to be felt upon the world, Aur was not certain if this Arweinydd was one of good intentions towards the Earthian peoples. However, his message of caution and concern was misconstrued by the warrior peoples of the Spiral – they chose to see it as a sign of war. Despite Aur’s intentions and attempts to intervene, the Spiral began to hunt down and eliminate the clans of the north, creating a rift of war and strife that is hard to ease even into current times.

After the defeat of the Spiral’s Armsmaster and Speaker, it was ZenToYa who next awakened the great golden lion. Seeking a cure for his son, TsuYa, Zento was unaware of Zemi’s plans to capture and revive the failing life of the creature from the Time Before. It’s unknown what Zemi hoped to gain from bonding Aur as his servant – maybe information that he could use to heal the darkness that had been brought upon the land by Zerom.

No matter the reason, Aur was defeated in battle by Zento and taken as Zemi’s Watcher — his life was sustained in an Earthian form. Since then, Aur has worked to provide leadership within the Spiral and make connections between the warrior peoples and the people of the Inner Realms, who have finally come together in a fight for survival against the darkness of Zerom.


Aur is quiet and thoughtful in nature, often displaying little in the way of emotion due to his origins. He appears to know very little of how Earthians live… and has been having to discover life in new ways, now that he is forced to remain in a physical body.

Despite all of this, Aur is neither bitter nor vindictive towards those who have taken him from his slumber within the heart of the Spiral. If anything, as time has passed, something akin to curiosity for the Earthian peoples has grown within him. Aur has shown hints of emotion and sympathies for those that he has spent the most time with – especially in supporting Zento’s struggles to find a cure for TsuYa’s condition.

It is obvious that Aur has a lot of wisdom and knowledge… but his way is the way of silence. He rarely offers information until it is desperately needed… so when Aur speaks, even Zemi Dreigiau listens.


Aur has some skill with a blade in battle when it is needed. However, where he has learned to fight is unknown.

Though it is rare, he can also take the form of the golden lion. He appears to choose this form when needing to travel long distances.

If Aur has other abilities or powers, he has not made them apparent.

** = Midi edited and mixed by Aywren

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