Origin: Inner Realms Gathering
Gender: Female
Height: 4’5″
Feather Color: White
Eye Color: Green

Theme: “Enigmatism” — Mike Oldfield**


JouKa was born and raised in the Gatherings outside of the city of Nefol. Her people were staunch believers that the Nefolians who tapped into the unnatural powers of magic were going to bring about the destruction of all they knew – something that was called the Bane. Magic users were shunned and even hunted within the society of JouKa’s Gathering… which has left her torn and confused due to the fact that secretly, she is a magic user.

Upon Awakening, JouKa was forced to leave her home in the Gathering. She somehow made her way to the Islands of Ceiswyr, where she has taken refuge among Zemi’s people.

JouKa was eventually put in charge of helping to watch over Suzume… which led to her first disgruntled encounters with TsuYa. Both being headstrong and blunt, the two often go head to head in debates that center around their two very different home societies. However, over time, they have both found a strange sort of kinship and concern for one another.

JouKa was also once involved romantically with KoGuRai, back before he took a position in the Council of Nefol. She is horrified at discovering his transformation into the Marked Champion of Zerom… and she now follows tirelessly in his shadow in desperate hope of redeeming the spirit of the man that she once loved.


Raised in the harsh lands and even harsher Gathering society, JouKa is very blunt and up front about her view on life. However, being an Awakened magic user born to a group of people who persecuted her own kind has left her confused and bitter as to what she should believe. Because of her internal doubts, she is often drawn to strong and feisty personalities, such as TsuYa, that stand to argue against issues she feels strongly about. Secretly, she really just wants someone to prove the truth to her, be it one way or the other.

Despite her initial rough impression, JouKa has a deep concern and care for other people as a Healer. She is tough and relentless in defending those she cares about. But her faith in others can easily turn into disappointment as she relies too much on outside sources to help her find the answers she is seeking to her own internal questions.


JouKa is one of Zemi’s Awakened people with the inborn ability of healing magics. Though she has no real formal training in the use of her power, she displays a very natural talent for easing the pain of other people.

She also has moderate fighting and tracking abilities and can survive on her own in the wilds for an extended time when it is necessary.


Kukri – Two curved, daggerlike blades. JouKa’s weapon of choice.

** = Midi edited and mixed by Aywren

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