Origin: Nefol
Gender: Male
Height: 5’9″
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black

Theme: “Misty” — Mike Oldfield**


KoGuRai was raised in Nefol as the son of the great warrior JinRai. His father was best friends with ZenToYa, helping him to establish Nefol in the early days as Zento’s second in command and brother-in-arms. However, this friendship did not extend to their children… as KoGuRai sees the sons of ZenToYa as his direct competition to earning power in the Council of Nefol.

KoGuRai did not play a part in Nefolian government until his father’s death, whereupon he was offered a seat in the Council in honor of JinRai’s memory. However, he proved to be the opposite of his father in every way. Spurred on by the bitterness of loss and blaming Zento for his father’s death, KoGuRai did everything he could to sow the seeds of discontent and rebellion within the Council of Nefol. Ultimately, he led the group that hunted Zento down to the point of banishment upon Zento’s Awakening.

Little is known about KoGuRai’s actions after the coming of Zerom to the Inner Realms. When he reappeared in the battles for Ceiswyr, he had taken his place as Zerom’s Marked Champion, driven by a hate for the Ya family and desire for power over the now-fallen city of Nefol.


In his younger years, KoGuRai was an aspiring poet and writer – much to the dismay of his great warrior father. He had little interest in the happenings of battle, weaponry or government and would have probably been content to remain that way. It was only after the loss of his father that he began to seek power – perhaps as a means of revenge… perhaps being swayed by hate and anger. KoGuRai became a different person, taking up his dark blade and using his influence to sever and fragment the once strong Council of Nefol.

In his younger days, he was deeply in love with JouKa and spent much time visiting her in secret. Now that he has become the Marked Champion of Zerom, he has been “promised” JouKa as a reward for his servitude… and seeks her out with a feverish desire.

His greatest rival is TsuYa, which stems back to their time in Nefol. Both have become powerful warriors in their own right… and both carry a great sense of pride and arrogance in battle. Whenever the two come together, there is little doubt there will be a fight… no matter what the consequences or the loss.


KoGuRai was first and foremost a writer. However, he has retained an innate skill as a warrior, likely passed down from his father, JinRai. These warrior skills have been enhanced by the Marked abilities gifted to him by Zeromus – great strength, speed and very keen senses. His Marked form also has wings and the ability to fly.

Though his battle skills are far more developed than his magical skills, KoGuRai can also use magic to some extent. However, this is something he rarely taps into – a direct effect of an incident where magic left the right side of his face marred many years ago.


Naginata – KoGuRai’s weapon of choice. It is just a regular weapon with no magical properties or unusual abilities.

** = Midi edited and mixed by Aywren

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