Origin: The Outterlands
Gender: Male
Height: 5’6″
Hair Color: Blue
Eye Color: Gold

Theme: “Cochise” — Mike Oldfield**


Kudako was raised in the cultured and sophisticated lifestyle of the tribes of the Spiral people. Trained from a young age to be an Annihilator, he was sent to the Inner Realms in order to hunt down and slay the people of the northern clans. It took ten years before Kudako was finally defeated… and Zemi Dreigiau chose to offer him redemption as a Dragon Servant. Mysteriously, his presence disappeared from knowledge of the common people, though his legacy did not…

Under Zemi’s orders, Kudako became the guardian and teacher to ZenToYa and his sister SaRaYa. He has spent much time as the go-between for the Inner Realms and the Dragon Realms of Wyndor. He also has spent much time helping Zento establish the Island nation of Ceiswyr and to watch over the newly Awakened people of Zemi.

With the fall of the Amrsmaster of the Spiral and the arrival of Aur as the new guardian, Kudako has returned to his homelands to work for peace between the Spiral and the people of the Inner Realms. He is also helping Aur to rebuild the Spiral into a new nation, free of the soulless control that has driven it for centuries.


Becoming a loyal servant of Zemi Dreigiau has done much to change Kudako. Quiet and reserved, he faces his new life as a “Flawed” Dragon with determination and a desire to redeem himself to the people of the Inner Realms. The one task given to him was that of the Guardian and Teacher of ZenToYa. And time spent with the cheerful young Earthian has done as much to improve his spirit as it has to strengthen and empower his ward. Unforeseen, the two of them became best friends.

Though little has actually been said, and it has never been confirmed, there also seems to be some sort of mutual attraction between Kudako and SaRa.


Kudako brings with him the peculiar and swift fighting style of the Spiral warriors. Part of the reason that he was so hard to match in battle for so many years lay in the fact that few people of the Inner Realms knew how to meet such a style one to one. It is this style that he teaches to ZenToYa.

Though Kudako can morph into a Dragon, he is one of the few Dragon Servants that has been able to keep his humanoid form. He also does not seem to age due to the influence of Zemi’s power. However, like his current Earthian body, the Dragon form is Flawed. Thus he does not choose use this power very often.


Sanbon Nunchaku-Bo— An enchanted weapon, often simply called the “Sanbon.” Depending on the situation, it can serve as a nunchaku or it can be fixed together end to end to create a solid fighting bo-staff.

** = Midi edited and mixed by Aywren

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