AKA: LuShi, Luccious
Origin: City of Nefol
Gender: Male
Adult Height: 6’3″
Hair Color: Silver
Eye Color: Silver

Theme: “The Source of Secrets” — Mike Oldfield**


Found in the depths of the city of Nefol, Lucci was an experimental creation that Zerom referred to as his “son.” The child was taken from Zerom’s possession to the islands of Ceiswyr, where he spent his first year under the watchful guidance of Zemi Dreigiau and others on the Island.

The name “LuShi” translates to mean “The Bane,” one who is destined to bring destruction to the people of the Inner Realms, and possibly beyond. It’s a name that continuously weighs his spirit down… and an identity that he fights to prove wrong every chance he can. His struggles have led him on dark paths of self discovery as he comes to terms with his Sygnus heritage.


The destiny that he struggles against throughout his abbreviated childhood is cold and relentless. Due to his unusual origins, Lucci is not often welcomed by people around him. Because of this, he grows into a quiet and somewhat mistrustful young man – unsure of who is friend or foe.

Living on the blurred line of two realities, Lucci can appear to be somewhat distracted and self absorbed. But on the whole, he is gentle-natured with good intentions, striving to help protect and prove himself to the very people who have cast him away.

He eventually takes comfort in a small network of trusted companions including his childhood friend, Suzume, and the Spirit Guide, Kaz. Lucci also befriends the strange and eccentric Tu FamilyNaDo, Maru and their young son KiNa. Along with the kindness from AsaHi, SaRaYa, SoYa and Zemi, he finds encouragement and hope.


Lucci is a Sygnus, a creature with the powers of the heavens and the earth, of Arweinydd and Earthian decent. However, his powers seemed to have been chosen by his maker – Zerom – who desires the power of his made-Sygnus as a pivotal weapon in the war against Zemi.


The silver mists that surround Lucci are Spirit Mists that inflict upon Lucci simultaneous sight of the Living and Dead worlds. This often leaves the young Sygnus disoriented and absentminded, finding it hard to decipher what is real and what is something of the Mists.

It has also been confirmed that Lucci was designed to gather power from the souls of the departed. This power, though immense in magnitude, is chaotic in nature and often uncontrollably overwhelming. Lucci often experiences the melding of memories and emotions from the departed Spirits as his own… and fights an ongoing battle to hold fast to his identity as his own experiences become muddled with Theirs.



Black Bladed Katana – A weapon that was forged in the Time Before, said to have power to destroy Arweinydd. Whether this is true or not, it is unknown. But the sword itself seems to have a dark influence over its wielder…

** = Midi edited and mixed by Aywren

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