Origin: City of Nefol
Gender: Male
Height: 4’10″
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Green

Theme: “Top of the Morn” — Mike Oldfield**


SoYa is the eldest son of ZenToYa, older brother to TsuYa and Promised to AsaHi. Before the coming of the Arweinydd, SoYa would have been next in the line to become the High Guide of Nefol.

He spent his whole life in Nefol as an Apprentice and teacher to the young incoming students, professing that his key powers lay in his meager knowledge of the Healing Arts. Often considered to be the weaker of Zento’s two sons by the populace in Nefol, he was regarded with pity and disappointment by the very people that he would eventually have to lead.

In truth, SoYa was concealing his real powers, that of the Athrylith, for fear that he would be hunted down by the School for possessing dangerous Mind Magics. Upon his journey to Ceiswyr, this terrible secret was revealed and SoYa found himself struggling to come to terms with the people closest to him as they were forced to recognize him for what he really is.


Time spent training with his Father and learning from his journeys to the Spiral and Wyndor helped him to develop his powers and understand himself. He was struck hard by the conflict that rose between himself and Zemi for AsaHi’s love. However, SoYa’s display of sacrifice for Zemi during the pivital battle in Nefol won him the dedicated friendship of the Dreigiau and has done much to ease the rivalry between them.He also spent much time working alongside of his father and brother to battle Zeromus’ forces that fought to Ceiswyr.

Despite his grief at the loss of TsuYa to the darkness of Zerom, his resolve to fight has only strengthened. He finds himself more and more often in positions of leadership, standing in for his father when ZenToYa cannot be there to take command.


Though SoYa is a gentle and sensitive individual, much of the shyness that existed due to the need to hide his Athrylith abilities has faded as he has grown to take on leadership roles under his father’s example. His Athrylith powers give him a connection to the emotions of those around him, and the training he’s undertaken has helped him to learn how to use these abilities to a far greater potential than he was able to before.

Dedicated to helping others around him, he has spent his life teaching the younger students in Nefol and supporting his family – TsuYa and SaRa. He is completely devoted to his Promised, AsaHi. He also has hope and determination that there will be a way to save his lost brother from the darkness of Zerom.


Though SoYa has a few random areas of magic that he dabbles in (namely Healing Arts), his real skills lay in mastering Mind Powers. He has a growing understanding of his abilities as an Athrylith, and he trains with his father when time permits.


Paladr – A staff that SoYa crafted with his father’s guidance. The stone that hovers within the clasp of the crown is said to be a solidified tear of a star.


Arfogaeth– Legendary armor created from the Will of the Spirit of the warrior who wears it. It is stored in a pure white stone which can be fitted into an amulet around his neck.

** = Midi edited and mixed by Aywren

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