Origin: Inner Realms Gathering
Gender: Female
Height: 4’2″
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Dark

Theme: “Islands” — Mike Oldfield**


Suzume was a normal girl who was raised in the Gatherings outside of Nefol… until the event of her Awakening. She was discovered and brought back to Nefol under scrutiny right at the time when Zerom’s dark powers had begun to infiltrate and twist the Council of the School.

Suzume was used as a public example in Nefol in a strike out against Zemi’s Awakened, attempting to deface them as distorted and unnatural creatures. A public “purification” ritual was to be performed to “cleanse” the girl of her Awakened curse. This ritual was led by TsuYa, who had fallen under the mind influence of Zerom at that point.

It is unknown what Zerom’s real intentions were in performing the ritual, for Suzume was rescued by SoYa and SaRa. However, the effects of the ritual left the girl with dark hair and wings as well as black eyes that were extremely sensitive to light. All of these features were later found in the Marked creatures created by Zerom only a short while later.

Suzume came to live on the Islands of Ceiswyr under the protection of Zemi Dreigiau. She spent a good bit of time under the reluctant watch of TsuYa and JouKa, who both eventually grew fond of the girl over time.

Her light-sensitive eyes were eventually healed by mysterious powers of the boy LuShi. The two became close friends after that… and continue to struggle to remain best friends despite the gap that time and distance has brought between them.

Suzume has also befriended the Arweinydd Zeni, the youngest of the Trine. Through conversation and sharing company with Suzume, Zeni has learned much about the emotions and connections of Earthians… and has even grown to become a bit more Earthian herself.


Suzume is a bold and fearless young girl who will not be deterred from her goal once she has set her mind on something. She has endlessly defended her best friend, LuShi, from taunting of other children, even at the risk of being ostracized herself. She is open minded, passionate in her faith in others and a deeply loyal friend.

Her feisty, inquisitive and adventurous nature often gets her in trouble. She’s not afraid to take risks for the sake of others and she’s not afraid to speak out about what she believes in. Suzume will continue to stand by those that she loves until the end.


Suzume’s Awakened form has given her wings to fly. However, whether or not she has actual magical abilities, is unknown – she has never displayed any magical skills.

Whether the effects of the near-Marking she received from the “purification” ritual extends beyond the coloration of her hair, wings and eyes is also unknown. As of this point, she has not displayed any Marked tendencies or abilities.

Having made a deep connection with the Arweinydd Zeni, she has only recently been granted the ability to shift her shape into the form of a little black sparrow.

** = Midi edited and mixed by Aywren

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