Origin: City of Nefol
Gender: Male
Height: 5′
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Dark Green

Theme: “Weightless” — Mike Oldfield**


TsuYa is the youngest son of ZenToYa and the younger brother of SoYa. For many years he was considered to be the stronger of Zento’s sons, despite the fact that his status as the youngest of the two would never allow for him to become the next High Guide. Though he spent his time in Nefol instructing students, he was known as a harsh teacher with little sympathy for those who showed weakness.

Ever ambitious, it was his quest for power and knowledge that became his greatest shortcoming. Sensing TsuYa’s discontentment, the Arweinydd known as Zerom tricked and manipulated him into taking control of Nefol and delivering the School into his dark plans.

Though TsuYa was brought out from under the shadows of Zerom’s mind control, the threat that he will fall back into darkness was ever present. Only the protection of Zemi Dreigiau kept him safe, thus he was kept within the bounds of Ceiswyr until the power of the guardian Aur created a temporary cure for him.

Once able to leave the Islands, TsuYa fought alongside of his father and brother against the forces of darkness that swept over the Inner Realms. Though the “cure” that was given to him by Aur has stopped the progression of Zeromus’ control from taking him, the Mark that was placed upon him by the darkness remains… as do some of the stranger abilities that began to develop…

Book 3 & 4 Spoiler Info and Image

In the final battle against his rival, KoGuRai, in an effort to protect his companions, TsuYa reached his Awakening. However, the power of the Awakening rebounded and destroyed the already weakened amulet… opening TsuYa to the Chaos. Instantly, TsuYa was consumed and transformed into Zerom’s Marked Champion.


TsuYa has experienced many great losses in his life — his mother died when he was only 4 and his father disappeared 10 years later. His manner of dealing with the pain has led him to become a loner. The only people that he allowed to become close to him were his older brother, SoYa, and his Aunt, SaRa.

The “death” of his father shook the foundations of his world at a young age. And now that Zento has reappeared, things have become harder, rather than easier, to deal with. The extreme hero-worship that TsuYa casts upon his father he also reflects back upon himself. He is constantly scrutinizing everything he does and measuring it up to impossible expectations in order to be like the legendary ZenToYa. He feels as if he has greatly failed in the eyes of his father after falling into the trap of Zerom… which drives him to constantly prove himself in the eyes of everyone else.

Book 4 Spoilers

Once caught in the grips of the dark Chaos as Zerom’s Marked Champion, it is hard to know whether TsuYa’s actions are his own… or forced by his dark master. Whether due to his Awakening, the power of his unwavering spirit, or both, it seems that even the Chaos is having a difficult time completely subduing TsuYa’s will.

The streak of white in TsuYa’s hair is a physical reminder to Zerom that there are some things that refuse to be destroyed…


His grasp on magic is almost as wide-ranged as his father’s, though not nearly as focused… he is only lacking in the sphere of mind magic. He also made a great effort to study weaponry and the art of hand to hand combat.

Book 4 Spoilers

TsuYa’s natural abilities with blade and magic were greatly enhanced once transformed into the Marked. As a Champion, he is gifted with enhanced speed, strength and senses… which he puts to good use in battle.

He has gained the natural Marked ability to confuse and scramble mind powers… his shriek is especially potent, often painful, against mind mages.

He also possesses a Marked Fear Aura that can petrify others, or send them running in terror.

TsuYa has retained his wings from his Awakened form, granting him the ability to fly.


DuLlafn—A long-handled scythe blade that once belonged to his father ZenToYa.

Aur’s Amulet — Kept TsuYa safe from the Marked curse of Zeromus.

** = Midi edited and mixed by Aywren

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