Origin: Unknown
Gender: Female
Height: Giant Wolf
Fur Color: Translucent White
Eye Color: Green

Theme: “Clear Light” — Mike Oldfield**


Zazo is one of the Trine, a group of Arweinydd that act as the protectors of the Awakened people in Ceiswyr. She is the middle sibling of the group and is the “sister” of Zemi, Zeni and Zerom.

She made her first physical appearance after the trouble with Zerom began to firmly take root in Nefol. Though she appears to dismiss concerns for the wellbeing of Earthians in general, she has chosen to stand at Zemi’s side on the conflict and support his efforts to contain Zerom’s darkness.

Zazo has also taken a special interest in TsuYa in particular, though the reason behind this is unknown. She has consistently protected him and carried him out of harm during conflicts against Zerom. She has also put herself in positions of teaming up with TsuYa, even allowing him to ride wolf back for long journeys and battles.


Unlike her older brothers, Zazo has shown very little interest in connecting herself to the Earthian peoples, with the exception of TsuYa. She views Earthians as lesser beings compared to her kind… and has very little qualms in using them to achieve her goals. In fact, she sees it as her right as an Arweinydd to demand that they serve her.

Though she has been exposed to Earthian feelings and struggles, she seems to have very little grasp or sympathy for emotions as a whole. She is, however, quite arrogant and self-centered in her standing… which proves that she has picked up something from her involvement with the people of the planet. She can also be quiet chaotic and vicious when the opportunity arises…


The extent of Zazo’s abilities are currently undiscovered. She takes the form of a giant wolf, though it’s unknown at this point if that is the only form she can obtain.

** = Midi edited and mixed by Aywren

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