Zemi Dreigiau

Origin: Unknown
Gender: Male
Race: Arweinydd
Height: 6’4″
Hair Color: Fiery Opal-White
Eye Color: Teal Laced with Silver

Theme: “Let there be Light” — Mike Oldfield**


Though they are beings of neither good nor evil, the Arweinydd were originally creatures thought to be devoid of true capability for emotion. However, Zemi has become much different. Always a bold, mischievous and inquisitive creature, his overwhelming desire for knowledge resulted in a constant rapid growth of power and spirit, and eventually led him to unlocking his hidden ability of ‘Esgor-ar.

Once having discovered these secrets, Zemi became a maker of creatures. From the first moment that he lent essence to another living creature, something within him began to change, and he grew to know compassion. Of all the creatures he met, Zemi most admired the magnificence, intelligence and nobility of the Dragon-kin. It was these creatures that he labored to imitate, even to the extent that he would spend much time taking the form of a great white dragon. Because of this, he became known as the Dreigiau.

Zemi later connected with the Earthian peoples – his first appearance was to the young ZenToYa and SaRaYa in their time of loss and need. The two children eventually grew up to become his first supporters, bringing word of the ways of Magic to the Inner Realms. Eventually the city of Nefol was founded by ZenToYa and a School was established to further spread the knowledge that the Dreigiau passed to the Earthian people.

However, Zemi was unable to break past the boundaries of his natural form and pass into the physical world… until he was summoned by AsaHi at the Host Gate. Because of her unique abilities, she was able to neutralize the wall between Zemi’s realm and the physical realm, creating a means by which the Arweinydd were freed.


For the first time, Zemi was able to take on a true, Earthian form. However, the creation of his own true form was a thing greatly feared by the other Arweinydd – it was an ability that his kind had never been able to perform since the Time Before. Threatened by this display of power, Zemi was denounced by his people as Rhoi’r and he was banished from the Arweinydd Realms.


Zemi likes being surrounded by people and being in the spotlight, even though it often means he’s making a fool of himself (which he loves to do as well). He’s also a hopeless prankster and is drawn to anyone with a similar light-hearted nature or warm sense of humor.

Just as much as he has influence upon the Earthians and their development in the world, the Earthians, too, have influenced Zemi. A creature once unknowing of the ways of emotion and feeling, Zemi is struggling to deal with the trials that true individuality and emotional growth bring. He has a long way to go before he can fully grasp the intricacies of Earthian relationships and feeling… and this often leads him to trouble. Zemi also struggles to balance his relations with the people closest to him – on one side is his longing for friendship and closeness while the truth of his ruling Dreigiau nature remains on the other.


Secretly, Zemi constantly fights a terrible, dark battle within himself. Upon the creation of his own physical form, Zemi unknowingly placed himself in the middle of the struggle of between the power of Chaos and Creation. Both sides tear at his nature, seeking to shape his thoughts and sway his abilities… it is a battle that not even the Dreigiau can face alone. Thankfully, he isn’t alone — he has found support and friendship in AsaHi and SoYa who both have witnessed the depths of his dark secret and strive with all of their power to keep the Dreigiau from slipping away to the Chaos.

Things have become increasingly difficult as Zemi has struggled to protect his people against the darkness of Zerom. Time and again, he has narrowly escaped Chaos’ pull on his own essence… and his pain has grown staggering over time. The once carefree spirit is learning to endure the reality of sorrow and grief.


The true nature and power of the Trine are as of yet untested and unexplored. The forms of power at his command are much more broad and intricate in scope than the linear workings of elemental, holy, or shadow magics that are used by Earthian peoples. Zemi is considered the most powerful of his kind, for he is the only Arweinydd that held knowledge of the secrets of ‘Esgor-ar.


Drei’Llafn– A huge sword crafted of a flaming red steel and gold, garnished with sculptures of twin dragons upon the hilt. The true properties and powers of this blade are unknown.

** = Midi edited and mixed by Aywren

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