Origin: Unknown
Gender: Female
Height: Tiny Bird
Feather Color: White
Eye Color: Green

Theme: “The Great Plain” — Mike Oldfield**


Zeni is one of the Trine, a group of Arweinydd that act as the protectors of the Awakened people in Ceiswyr. She is the youngest sibling of the group and is the “sister” of Zemi, Zazo and Zerom.

She made her first physical appearance at the Host Gate when SoYa came to make a plead to Zemi for the safety of AsaHi. She was the one to inform him of the trouble that was brewing with Zerom and the fact that his father, ZenToYa, was still alive in Ceiswyr.

Since then, Zeni has been a steadfast supporter of Zemi’s cause in protecting the Earthians from Zerom. She has also purposely sought out and befriended the girl Suzume, helping her with her struggles to protect Lucci from the impending darkness that threatens them all.


Zeni appears to be a very young and undeveloped Arweinydd compared to her older siblings. There are times when she proves to have unexpected wisdom… and times when she appears somewhat absentminded and giddy. She is very devoted to Zemi and Zazo and displays a great curiosity about the Earthian peoples. Zeni has also taken special interest in Suzume and actively seeks information on the concepts of friendship and emotion from the girl.


Zeni is a good deal weaker in abilities than her older siblings. However, she does have the ability to maintain the form of a small white bird when interacting with the Earthian people.

** = Midi edited and mixed by Aywren

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