Origin: Gathering of Arddun
Gender: Male
Height: 5’3″
Hair Color: Silver-White
Eye Color: Green

Theme: “Outcast” — Mike Oldfield**


ZenToYa was the first of all Dragon Apprentices that studied under Zemi Dreigiau. He lost all his family except for his youngest sister, SaRaYa, at an early age. The two children were raised under the guidance of the Arweinydd and taught the ways of magic and spirit.

Later in life, Zento returned to the land of his people and founded the School of Nefol to spread Zemi’s knowledge and teachings. There he married YuKai and fathered two children – SoYa and TsuYa.

During an excursion into the Spiral, he disappeared and was pronounce dead. However, his name remained legendary for both his power of magic and strength as a warrior.


Unknown to the people of Nefol, his disappearance was not by accident. Zento was the first of Zemi’s students to experience the transformation known as Awakening. When the High Council of Nefol discovered Zento’s transformation, they instantly found it a reason to declare him a monster… and they proceeded to hunt him down. Zento managed to escape, but found himself in exile of his own city, unable to return to Nefol for fear of his life and the life of his family.

The High Council, led by KoGuRai, eventually claimed Zento to be “dead” to the people of Nefol, portraying him as a glorious leader and historical founder of the nation. There is little doubt ithat the High Council was bent on finding a way to overthrow him, even before his Awakening, so that it might take control of the School in Nefol. The only one besides Zento that was aware of this dark plot was SaRa.

During this time of exile, Zento continued to work as Zemi’s Champion and Founder – this time helping Zemi to establish the sky island nation of Ceiswyr. Zento remained upon the Islands, waiting with a longing heart for the day that he would be reunited with his sister and two sons. That day, however, came sooner than he could have expected.

When Nefol was lost to the darkness of Zerom, Zento fought tirelessly to seek out refugees from the lands below the Islands and to take them to safety. He also worked to drive back the forces of Chaos with the help of his sons, SoYa and TsuYa. He struggled, most of all, to find a way to protect TsuYa from the grips of the Marked.


As a young child, Zento was a quiet and very ordinary boy. All of that changed under the hand of Zemi Dreigiau. Like his Master, his courage grew to be untamable and his spirit became very forthright and bold in manner. He also grew to take on some of his Master’s less desirable traits – outrageous flirting, brash overconfidence, a happy-go-lucky approach to trouble and a love of practical jokes.

He is generally known for his sense of kindness and charity to people of all walks of life. As a leader, Zento is level-headed and down to earth – his experiences as a child growing up without status or possessions has remained an integral foundation for his personality, even after gaining power and position. Though he is quite possibly the most powerful of the Earthians that live within the Inner Realms, his concern and love for the people is obviously the deciding factor for his actions.

Zento carries within him a deep sense of guilt for having left his two sons behind during his flight from Nefol. He places a lot of blame upon himself for the internal struggles that both SoYa and TsuYa have fallen into. Zento dedicated himself to do everything he could to support and teach his sons during the short time that his family was together. But the loss of TsuYa might just be more than he can bear.


Zento always claimed to be a student of everything in life. No doubt, his skills reflect that. Not only did he manage to master much in the way of every sphere of magic he put his mind to studying, but he also took up weapon mastery. His physical and mental prowess was accurately considered to be unmatched by any of his peers.


Bhinod—A three-point weapon devised by Zento’s own mind and perfected through his craftsmanship over the years. It is a short spear with a spike on one end and a scythe blade on the other. The scythe is detachable and connected to the spear haft by means of a thick steel chain that can easily reel the blade in and out for long distance attacks.

Arfogaeth– Legendary armor created from the Will of the Spirit of the warrior who wears it. It is stored in a pure white stone which can be fitted into an amulet around his neck.

** = Midi edited and mixed by Aywren

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