Deleted Scenes

During the final revisions for Dreigiau, there were a few original chapters that just didn’t mesh with the tone and flow of the story. Sometimes, due to restructuring, certain chapters also needed to be removed. This section lists the deleted scenes in their unedited format.

Touch the Sky: Originally the Introduction for Book 2, before Book 2 was merged into Book 1. There was no place for an additional Introduction, so I chose to cut this piece. It details how Kudako became one of Zemi’s Dragon Servants.

Crash Course in Life: A silly section from Book 1 that told how AsaHi cleaned up Kaze and got him some new threads. While it’s a funny little chapter, I’ve just never been content with it and decided to leave it as a deleted scene instead of fighting to edit it again.

Spirit’s Armor: A chapter that took place in Book 1 after AsaHi discovered Kaze’s real identity. She chases Zento down while he’s busy gathering his spirit armor for the upcoming battle. This chapter and the one following it seemed sharply out of place, so I decided to remove them from the final version.

Casting Stones: A chapter that takes place just before the fight with TsuYa in Book 1. I was trying to flesh out a relationship between Zento and Zemi but it didn’t turn out so well. While it was a useful rough chapter in the way of hearing what characters had to say at that point, a lot of it didn’t fit and I decided to scrap it for the final version.

The Day We Meet Again: Originally the last chapter from the old Book 1, this showed Zento, SaRa and Zemi meeting again after so many years. While it’s a touching and fun scene, the chapter is very short and really didn’t add much but to act as a final chapter for the book. Because Book 1 was merged into Book 2, it doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense to keep it anymore.

Rendered Meaningless: An argument between AsaHi and Zemi about the worth of Earthian lives. While I felt it was an important point to make, in the new revisions, it all just seemed over dramatic and redundant. I attempted to edit it, but just didn’t see a way to salvage this chapter without a complete rewrite. I didn’t think that the book would suffer any from removing it as I can probably make these points elsewhere.

Book 3 Deleted Scenes

When I went back to edit Book 3, I instantly discovered how much I disliked the flow of the first few chapters. I understood the initial reason for the slow pacing was to touch on the different characters and how they had changed since the jump in time. However, I felt that there were far too many chapters dedicated to the build-up of the Assembly.

I decided to re-write a good chunk of the beginning of Book 3 to make it more engaging and fill in some holes in the back story. The chapters that I removed from the original drafts are stored here.

Introduction – Wishing for Wings: Another flashback to Zento, Kudako, Zemi and Sara. Not a whole lot happens here, but it’s a nice reference to archive.

Lei’ IgroThe original chapter 1 for Book 3 including playful Lucci and Suzume. I’ve make this a bit more serious in the revision.

Athrylith’s Command: Originally a chapter written to introduce SoYa’s development to the story. I decided I could weave this into other chapters to help speed up the pace.

Assembly of the Trine: Just a chapter that went into Zento’s feelings about Luccious and his conflicts with Zemi. I re-wrote this into a more revised action scene with Kudako, which allowed me to keep things moving and drop a lot of the needless angst.

Discontent: Yet more Zento angst. I decided this was all too redundant and just cut this completely.