~Hey, you…~

If Dreigiau was a book, this poem would be written on notepaper and slipped in just before the title page.

By: Agla


Hey, you

You there-


This is a warning.

Don’t turn the page

until you’ve heard.

I’m warning you

cause if you didn’t know

cause if you went in unprepared

the danger would take you.

There are dangers in the words you are about to read.

They caught me a long time ago-

two small dangers

that wandered under my gaze

and turned up on my doorstep.

I let them in and that was my undoing

my glorious mistake

because I had never been warned.

The dangers came into my home

into my innermost spaces

and they broke my crystals into blood

and they played sweet music on the strings of my heart.

I couldn’t get rid of them

the music was so fine

and before I knew it

I was climbing a mountain.

I saw this mountain every day

but I never saw how high it was,

how hard it was to climb.

The stones cut my feet as I walk upwards

and I can’t stop walking on.

I’m going to climb and climb until I die

because I let in two dangers

out of the cold.

If you turn the page

you will see the dangers too

and you will be at their mercy.

They will enter your heart

and write their names there

become aches in your flesh

that you’ll never be able to heal.

The bright light will dazzle you

you’ll be blinded.

You’ll be gone.

A death is waiting for you

with innocent eyes

waiting to be let in.

You can leave the death waiting

out in the cold-

if you padlock your heart

and turn away now.

Perhaps you’ll do that

now I’ve warned you.

Go home, go back, to your safe warm bed

never looking behind you.

It’s a smart thing to do.

Here be dragons.

If you let them in

they will eat your heart.

(Don’t say you were not warned.)

Or perhaps you won’t.

The air smells sweet on this mountain

and I can hear someone calling

to me, I think they’re a long way away.

When I look down

all the world’s spread out to me

glowing with dawnlight

unexpected and beautiful.

I’m glad, I think, that I came here

that I let danger in

out of the cold.

Perhaps you’ll be better than smart-be wise-

and let it in too.

I’m waiting for you.

I’ll be glad of your company.

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