Soya Piggy was a man…

Poem for SoYa
By: Iamthatis

Soya Piggy was a man,
Curly, girly hair he had.
And on that hair he wore a hat,
Purple and tall on his head sat.
He couldn’t cook a meal worth beans,
He’d burn it black, and eat the whole thing!

Yet Soya Piggy had a secret,
From his youth he was charged to keep it,
He had a power that noone should,
A power that wasn’t understood,
He took that power and buried it deep,
Hiding it so noone would see.

Poor Soya Piggy had so much power
That made the gentle soul in him cower,
He didn’t want it, yet it stayed,
A constant burden, a constant pain,
A struggle he fights deep within,
A battle he has yet to win.

Though Soya Piggy did much good,
That power drove him to dark woods.
And when it seemed all hope would die,
He used that power to save a life!
Yet even as he saved the girl,
All he gained was much more hurt.

Poor Soya Piggy didn’t understand
How he could have so much power in hand,
And yet do nothing but cause pain,
So he hid his Power beneath his Shame…


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