Book 1 Chapter 17

SoYa instantly knew that something was wrong. The life force that had once flowed through the stone of the Host Gate was missing. The presence that he could always feel was gone. Nothing remained except a churning void in the cave’s darkness.

Lord Zemi, I’m here to ask for your forgiveness. AsaHi meant no harm!

There was never a time when Lord Zemi wasn’t inside the Host Gate. There was never a time that he didn’t come when one of his Apprentices called.

Everything is a huge mess… I need your help.

A gentle tickle of energy shivered through his body. It was similar the power of the Dreigiau that usually flowed through the Gate. Yet, it wasn’t quite the same.

Maybe he heard me after all.

SoYa stood silently in a moment of anticipation, but there was no sign of the white Dragon. Not even the slightest hint of light glittered in the cave. Yet, the soft pressure in the back of his mind grew.

~Here, Earthian. Look here.~

SoYa startled at the sound that flittered into his mind. The voice spoke to him in the same manner as Lord Zemi had always done, except, this voice was feminine. His eyes fell upon a pale shimmer of white behind him. Perched on one of the uprising stones was a tiny translucent sparrow, little beaded eyes watching him in with intent curiosity.

~Did I frighten you? My apologies. ~

SoYa shook his head, mouth half-open in a stammer, “You’re not Lord Zemi.”

~That’s correct. I’m not. And you shouldn’t be here.~

“I… I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to intrude,” beads of sweat broke out on his brow.

~It’s not intrusion that’s the trouble. I warn you from concern, young SoYa. I know my brother cares greatly for you and your family. Since he’s not here to watch over you, I’m honoring his wishes.~

“Brother? You mean you’re Lord Zemi’s… sister?” SoYa’s eyes widened.

~That’s what he calls me, yes. Though I admit it’s more of an Earthian concept that just took his fancy than actual relation.~

A tremor rushed through SoYa’s body as the Apprentice inched forward, “Please, I beg your assistance. I came to ask hi-”

~I know why you came. I heard your heart cry out. But still, you shouldn’t be here.~

“Then Lord Zemi doesn’t want to see me.”

~It’s not that. He’s not here.~

“Not here?” SoYa pursed his lips. “Where has he gone?”

~Into your world. He’s gone to find our other brother who’s become lost. I don’t know what our other brother seeks… perhaps he is intoxicated by the power of the physical realm.~

Other brother?” the Apprentice echoed, wondering exactly how many siblings Lord Zemi had.

~It hurts to see the struggle between them. But there’s little I can do to stop it. Even with the seal on Host Gate broken, my power in this world is far too weak.~

“Host Gate… broken?” SoYa peered into the darkness.

~Yes.~ the tiny sparrow peeped. ~There’s now a fracture between your world and ours. It leaks. It was through that leak that my brothers were able to step into the physical dimension.~

SoYa grit his teeth, “Is that a bad thing?”

~I don’t know. Zemi is the one who has knowledge of such powers, not I.~

The Apprentice fell silent for a long time. Though fear choked his words, he finally asked, “Is there something I can do to help?”


He bowed his head deeply, “I’m not trying to be presumptuous! I know my own power is nothing compared to the Arweinydd…”

There was a trickling sound, like laughter. The little bird titled its head.

~Please, you don’t need to treat me with formality. After all, I’m nothing more than a sparrow, yes?~

“I… well…”

~You are an honest and courageous soul. I can see that in you. But you alone can’t mend the hole between the worlds.~

SoYa fixed his eyes on the ground again, “No, of course not.”

~There’s one who may be able to help, if you could find him.~

The Apprentice pursed his lips, “Just tell me who he is… where he is… and I’ll do what I can!”

~Young SoYa, do you think you’re ready to know the truth?~

He blinked, surprised by the sudden question. Then, he slowly nodded his head.

~Very well. Seek out the Earthian known as NaDoTu. He knows the whole truth. Ask him about your father’s Awakening.~

SoYa’s face grew very pale, “Father?”

~You know how to contact NaDoTu, yes?~ she asked, not responding to his surprise.

“I… do,” he nodded, puzzling about the Arwenydd’s strange request.

~Good. You will find the answers you seek from him.~